About This Site

About This Site

This site is dedicated to sharing information and ideas about how we can live from a spiritual perspective. They are my personal views and are based on what I have learned in theory and what has worked for me in practice.

There is nothing to buy on here. You are invited, on the Blog page,  to subscribe if you would like to be informed about new postings. But you won’t be added to a list and I won’t be contacting you or sending you a newsletter.

I will be doing regular blog posts and categorising them so that people interested in particular topics can find those postings easily. You are invited to comment on the postings (click on ‘comments’ at the top of the post) and I really hope you will so we can all get the benefit of everyone’s thoughts.

I hope that people wanting to contribute will bear the following in mind:

  • Please be respectful in your comments and don’t judge/criticise anyone else’s views
  • Feel free to express what you believe but not from the perspective that you are right and others are wrong
  • What is most interesting for people to read is the experiences you have had and the spiritual learnings they brought you.
  • Everyone learns from everyone else. The more we read about others’ spiritual journeys, the more clarity we get about our own. We are all teachers on here.

I wish you well in your own spiritual journey.

If you would like to contact me please do so at geraldine@myspiritmyself.com